East: 330-0500 | West: 825-5882

Aim To Please Plumbing & ELECTRIC is a family run business in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Serving Monroe County since 1989.

**Tobacco free CLIENTS & employees**

"No Surprises" Estimates - Our customers call us the "Troubleshooting Specialists"

License # PC88900118

Family Owned and operated (who cares? Some families have bad reputations!)
In business since 1955 (who cares? Some claim long life even though they've been sold many times;)
All of our competitors can say anything they want in print (us too), after all, we pay for it!

You expect prompt service,
a prepared tech with a fully stocked truck (we drive rolling warehouses),
a clean technician (disposable gloves changed frequently to protect your health and his),
a clean work site when the job is complete,
tobacco free employees, and
a competent tech, not a grunt.

Aim To Please will deliver, and exceed your expectations …. promise

We specialize in residential service only, no commercial service.
We fired our commercial clients and smoking clients long ago.

The plumber and electrician you’d trust with your ………................

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