Copper is bad for YOU and ME !!!

According to an article by Hallie Potocki in "First" magazine's October 31, 2011
issue, copper can cause lots of problems for us. Copper steeps into the
water as it sets, waiting for us to shower or drink it. This copper
can overwork our livers and cause lethargy, mood swings, and fatigue
(redundancy for emphasis;). Zinc supplements may help balance the
copper in our bodies. Red meat, poultry, and cashews (bless you) all
contain zinc. Vitamin C aids in copper excretion. Copper water lines
in the home are a suspected culprit. Consider installing a reverse
osmosis system for drinking and cooking water, and perhaps letting the
water run for a minute (waste water?) before showering.
Do we want to even think of the lead solder holding those pipes
together? Didn't think so.