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Aim To Please Plumbing and Electric opened for business November 2nd, 1989. Alan Meeker had been serving the community ever since and brought members of his family into the business. His wife, Valerie, is the office manager. Alan was joined in the field by his son Malachi, but after a hostile take-over, he sits in the office drinking coffee while Malachi supervises his two crews. Valerie's dog, K' Sha, watches over the office (but she is too generous by giving away free soda to anyone that asks).

We do electrical repair, new electric panelboards, service, the whole gamut. We concentrate on residential service in Monroe County.

We take pride in our troubleshooting capabilities.

I'm Proud To Be A Plumber

"It was a dark and stormy night..." Occasionally, that is the beginning of a story told by one of my clients who had a burst pipe/water heater/frozen waterline. Each time, the story ended, "and we lived happily ever after." I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of a job well done, and the more times in a day I can get that rush, the better. I am not the cheapest plumber, if someone wants a cheap plumber they should look elsewhere. I do the best I can, in such a manner that the job doesn't have to be redone. When I clear a sewer main, I clear it full bore and offer a no-clog warranty. I consult with my clients to let them make the choice of which fixtures they like, even informing them in choices in piping we can use. I do not use tobacco. My clients do not find any butts or spittle after we leave. We clean up after ourselves. We have a good rapport with our clients and enjoy our banter when we visit.