Mr. Wade S. goes to the theatre!

The winner has been chosen in the drawing. Mr. Wade S. gets to take his 12 year old daughter to see dancing nutcrackers and tiny ballerinas. We are excited to hear how she enjoys the show. Probably better than my kids when we announced that they were going to the theatre. We saw something like "Peter and the Wolf" about fifteen years ago as an introduction to the musical arts. To hear their complaints about when the show would start was comical when I realized they meant a MOVIE. All they had ever gone to the theatre for was to see a movie.

Correction.........That is "The Nutcracker", on December 3, 2011

Sorry about the confusion. Mine, that is! Swan Lake was my error. Now, go, send me your name, address, and contact number to enter.


We have two tickets to see the ballet "Swan Lake". Now, all you have to do is send an email to and your name will be put on the list of entrants. We will choose a winner and notify her/him just before Thanksgiving. The entrants will be put on the list only once, so don't bother entering multiple times, but do have your friends and family (local, please) enter too. We may keep the senders' emails for future use to make offers or announcements.

Your taste is different from mine.....

You sometimes know when it is time to get a new faucet. Go buy one you like and we will be happy to install it. If you didn't know it was toast; we have a few on our truck. If you approve, we'll install it and save time for both of us. We do not want to dictate your taste; and you don't get to tell Alan what kind of socks to wear ;)

Gas Prices Going Up!

The price of fuel for our trucks has jumped. We buy about 70-100 gallons of fuel per week. That hurts a little, you know? Anyway, you can be assured that we are not starting to charge for extra trips to the warehouse as the competition does. That is why we drive the rolling warehouse, save trips, time, fuel, and money for both of us.

Ice Storm in Bloomington

I can't tell you about the ice storm in Bloomington. My wife had me confined to the back seat of a car in Puerto Rico for the week. It was terrible I tell you! She pushed me off a tree stand in the jungle. All I had to hang onto was some cable and zipped across the jungle screaming like a little girl. So glad you weren't there to see that. Later I was attacked by some ants. We explored Old San Juan, Ponce, and some glow-in-the-dark water.
Well, at least it's warming up here again. Back Home Again, In Indiana!!!!!!

R & W

This is my week for R & W. My wife, Valerie, and I flew to Puerto Rico (and boy are our arms tired;). We went for a stroll in the jungle (rain forest for some of you who try to be politically correct ). The ants were particularly fond of my feet. My wife says they smell like salad dressing, and apparenty so did the ants! On Monday we are meeting with our web person that runs our payment website ( The site needs some tweaking so we'll work like dogs out on the veranda all week.................It's so hot here, about 80. Back home it's still 30 and icy.

Pulling a rabbit out of my hat.

On Friday I was trying to put a wire into an attic by drilling a hole in a finished wall. Well, the apprentice couldn't find the drill bit. I tried shaking, spinning, and tapping the drill bit for about 15 minutes. He indicated that it wasn't up far enough. Against my intuition I drilled a little farther and what do you know.....the bit went through the roof! The apprentice still didn't see the bit or shaft. I went up to help and saw it readily. Affecting perfect control; I pointed it out and we put the wire through. The new wire was installed so we could put up the ceiling fan.

It's January!

TAX TIME ! Boy, that thought runs chills down my spine. Deadlines out the wazoo. 940's 941's w-2's WH-1 ....... the list is endless. This year we have a goal. If we get it done by the end of the month we go on vacation (except Malachi, Jim, and Sherry). Now that's incentive. Don't look for me the first week of February, I'll be in Puerto Rico soaking up some rays with my wife.
Piso Mojado !

electrical work (my own)

I finally got some electric work done around the house! I installed a couple of outlets in my shed so the diesel trucks could be plugged in. Now they start so much better! Come to think of it, I start so much better when I'm warm too.
My wife insists on getting some plumbing done around the house, maybe I can get Malachi to do it ;)

If you happen to read any of this stuff...........inspire me to do better by letting me know this is read.

Plumber Bloomington IN that's what you can use to search for us online in the future.

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