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I got fired! Can you believe it?

I got fired. No kidding. After 30 years of plumbing expertise I let a client tell me how to do my job. It turned out so badly I fired myself. The client was no better off after I left, but no worse off either. I spent two hours doing what the client wanted instead of what he needed. I learned my lesson: Do what needs to be done or don't do anything at all. Otherwise I may get fired again.

Blind man

Have you seen the blind man driving around B'town? He's Bob Patton, a true 'nough blind man. He and his wife, Paula, are busy people. They install and repair blinds all around town. They're easy going and personable. Just so you know, I like 'em both, and so would you. :)

The only poem Alan ever memorized

This poem by Ogden Nash explains the length of man's suffering:
Fleas, by Ogden Nash

Adam had 'em.


We had a trial run with a new guy recently. He worked out well enough, but the phone stopped ringing. The new guy was released to his other job. He hadn't quit his other job, but was working with us during his days off. Sometimes the phone goes non-stop. We have been a two to three truck shop for quite a while. I had figured with the economy recovering now would be a good time to add a helper for the guys. That's what I get for thinking!

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